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H.S.C. --------------------------------->(High Side Coalition)
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We're back in action with 4 HSC albums, 2 solo albums, and 3 underground freestyle albums!
To the Right is a mugshot of our new line-up of members.
                  HSC=HighSide Coalition
     Now in our 4th yr, we have evolved into a new unit. HSC since 2003 consist of KB, Sniper aka (Klark Kent), B-Wood, new artist Nikki G, and Chris Allgood aka (X.)-Artist,music writer, and Producer.

     HighSide Coalition is back on the rise, a fresh new start for 2004. The Coalition has composed a style that is highly untouchable. There is no comparison to the newly created sound, half past, half present, combinded with the future.  Lyrical monsters have demolished the tracks that the public so desired.  From the stage to the tape deck, our hearts must move to the beat that will produce a new industry. As we push forword in stride to meet out expectations, HSC advises you all to come and see entertainers at their best.

(Soon to be released Album's)
Back to Basics - FizzGig Studios and Productions
Back to Back - FizzGig Studios and Productions
Mental Breakdown - FizzGig Studios and Productions
Heavenly Blunt - FizzGig Studios and Productions
Apoclyptic Duo - FizzGig Studios&Pro./RoPorte Entertainment
Special thanks to the soldiers fighting for our freedom oversees!


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